phone 505.955.1500
fax 505.955.1800
205 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM


Greenberg Fine Art is housed in a light and airy remodeled space
set back a few short steps from Canyon Road. The setback allows
visitors to stroll along the pathway through the gallery’s beautiful
sculpture garden. Inside, one finds multiple rooms filled with a
striking blend of classical and contemporary paintings and sculptures.
The art selected is both lively and accessible, with an emphasis
on quality.

Carl Berney, David Bottini, Paige Bradley, Joseph Breza,
Bob Cao, Bruce Cody, Michael Devore, Martin Eichinger,
Bernard Franz, Mark Yale Harris, Wendy Higgins, Timothy Horn,
Karol Mack, Gwen Marcus, Mario, Lange Marshall, Laurin McCracken,
September McGee, Jose Luis Nunez, Kate Palmer,
Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Xiaojiu Shi, John Sisko,
Dennis Smith, Scott Steadback
, Richard Weinstein, Alice Williams